Gala concert of the International Summer School "Play With Joy" (Nizhnekamsk), August 8, 2021

 No. 1. W.A. Mozart. Divertissement in D major 1 movement, op. 36

No. 2. E. Elgar "Enigma Variations" (Variation No. 9 "Nimrod")

No. 3. A. Schnittke. Adagio from the ballet "Sketches"

No. 4. T. Fandeev "Little Waltz"

No. 5. P. Tchaikovsky "March of Wooden Soldiers" from the series "Children's Album"

No. 6. G. Mancini "Moon River"

No. 7. A.Petrov "Song about trumpeters"

No. 8. D. Shostakovich "Prelude"

No. 9. D. Shostakovich "Gavotte"

No. 10. D. Shostakovich "Polka-organ"

No. 11. A. Litvinov "Perpetual motion"

No. 12. P. Loveland "Song from the Secret Garden"

No. 13. R. Javadi. Theme from the TV series "Game of Thrones"

Reporting video on the first stage of the project