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International photo exhibition "Accessible environment for all" (online format) 2020

For the first time Nizhnekamsk is hosting a large-scale international project in the framework of cooperation between the Swedish Institute, the ANO to support creative initiatives "O.K.N.O." in Kazan, "House of folk art" Nizhnekamsk and ANO "Rubaha" for people with disabilities. The exposition of works “Access Ability Beyond physical
environments” by Swedish photographer Markus Marcetic and his Russian counterpart Alexey Kostromin. 20 photos introduce visitors to the exhibition to people with disabilities living in Russia and Sweden. Each photo is accompanied by the story of the hero. These are stories by Russians and Swedes about their lives, how society accept them, their achievements, goals and dreams. Among the heroes are athletes, writers, programmers, priest and journalists. The idea to illustrate the life path and achievements of people with disabilities came from Swedish photographers. Since 2015, the exhibition travels to cities of Russia (Moscow, Cherepovets, Pskov, Veliky Novgorod, Arkhangelsk, Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, etc.), it is shown in Georgia, Turkey, Brazil and the UAE. The collection in each city is complemented by new stories of local residents. It is a great honor for "Rubaha" to become a part of this exhibition and to present photos of our city residents - young and bright, purposeful and active - heroes of our photo project "Shadow". “This exhibition is evidence that its authors are not in words, but are actually promoting the principles of humanism and tolerance. This exhibition is about the fact that all people are special, everyone has their own opinion, views and interests.  These photos give people with disabilities a chance to believe in their abilities," said Swedish Consul General Erik Hammarskjöld at the opening of the exhibition in Pskov in 2015. Giving everyone a chance to be seen and heard is one step towards the goal. And the goal is simple - to enable people with special features in development to live a decent life. They fight for this equality.