Educational closed online seminar for organizers of theatrical events December 7-8, 2020 (according to the STD RF grant for inviting theater specialists)
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invited expert and speaker,
press secretary of the Moscow Puppet Theatre, curator of the out-of-competition program "Children's Weekend" of the "Golden Mask" festival.

seminar moderator, theater director, member of theater associations
STD RF, ASSITEJ, international association of baby theaters "Small Size".
On the first day of the seminar, a lecture was held on the current trends in European and Russian theater for the smallest. On the second day, issues were discussed on organizing the communicative space of the theatrical forum - festival as a platform for exchanging experience, demonstrating and discussing innovative stage techniques and methods, as well as  organizational and managerial decisions for the implementation of theater projects.
Among the results of the seminar, it is worth noting the resulting
  productive conversation on the organizational issues of the festival. Anna Kazarina gave constructive answers, in particular, to the following questions:
  • how to put together a theater festival,
  • how to build  information support and promotion of the festival,
  • what mistakes should be avoided in the organization and holding of the festival in the first place,  
  • how to build well  communication with potential participants and  authoritative figures in the theatrical field, whose participation and consulting support can be useful for novice participants  other.
Not less than  useful was the review of theatrical performances made by A. Kazarina in the form of a presentation and a discussion on the form and content (content) of baby performances, the approach in directing and communication with the audience, both with children and adults, and the peculiarities of the audience's perception.
The seminar was attended by: the management of ANO "O.K.N.O." (2 people), leaders of the partner organization - the House of Folk Art in Nizhnekamsk (7 people), theater workers (5 people). Project geography: Kazan, Menzelinsk, Nizhnekamsk, Moscow. The total number of project beneficiaries is 14 people, 3 organizations.