In 2022, we are celebrating three ESTA anniversaries at once:

  • 50 years of ESTA International foundation  

  • 10 years of work of the ESTA-Tatarstan branch

  • 5 years so far, the only 45th international held on the territory of Russia  conference ESTA-2017.

The next ESTA International Conference in Graz (Austria), which will be held from 9 to 14 April 2022, is dedicated to the big anniversary of the association.

The second stage of the International Summer School "Play With Joy" (Nizhnekamsk) will be held under the auspices of the 10th anniversary of ESTA-Tatarstan.

A commemorative photobook will be released for the 5th anniversary of the ESTA-2017 conference.

International Youth String Orchestras  ESTA-2022

The ESTA Central Council would like to inform you of the excellent opportunity to apply to participate in the two ESTA string orchestras (note that there are two different projects to apply for).

The first refers to young musicians between the ages of 16 and 19 who are currently studying, for example, at a pre-university institution.

The second orchestra is designed for young, advanced music students.

In the attachment you will find all the necessary information, including a brief description of the projects, as well as application forms.

Please note that only students of ESTA member educators are eligible to participate. Applicants from Russia must attach a recommendation on compliance with this condition from the head of ESTA-Tatarstan Ramil Ildarovich Sadriev. Please send requests for recommendations to the address: The working language of the project is English, knowledge of the language is required!

The deadline for applications is December 20, 2021 .

application form. ESTA Chamber Orchestra I 2022 Graz

project description. ESTA Chamber Orchestra I 2022 Graz

Application Form ESTA Chamber Orchestra II 2022 Graz

project description. ESTA Chamber Orchestra II 2022 Graz

5 students of the Kazan Conservatory studying viola and cello from Nizhnekamsk, Cheboksary, Perm and Tiraspol (Moldova) took part in the selection for participation in orchestras from ESTA-Tatarstan. From ESTA-Tatarstan in Graz (Austria), where the 50th anniversary conference of ESTA will be held in April, two students of the Kazan Conservatory are invited - cellist David Chernichenko from Tiraspol (Moldova) and violist Oksana Dobrynina  from Nizhnekamsk.
The ESTA FOUNDATION for young String Players (Switzerland) will cover all expenses of participants for a 10-day trip to Austria for rehearsals in international student orchestras and participation in the ESTA International Conference. Congratulations to our members!

Ramil Sadriev, the head of the regional association ESTA-Tatarstan and the founder of ANO "O.K.N.O." was also invited as a speaker to the conference in Austria. As part of the conference program, which is dedicated to the problems of supporting and professional development of young talents, he will talk about our Nizhnekamsk project International Summer School "Play With Joy" , which we are holding with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.