The concept of the Summer School:  "Play with joy, play for the soul"

We want people to understand that you can play an instrument not only for the profession, but also just for the love of music. Only with such an attitude to studies can one develop
  competencies that will be useful both for continuing the professional career of a musician, and for independent studies, or self-realization in another field of activity. The format of the Summer School will expand the performing experience of music teachers and professionally oriented students, as well as give meaning and purpose to the independent studies of adult music lovers and children who, for various reasons, have not chosen music as a further profession, but have musical abilities, a sufficient level of initial training and desire to practice on bowed string instruments.
During a week of intensive studies using the method of concentrated learning, the project participants will learn new pieces as part of an ensemble / orchestra and present them at the reporting concert on June 7th.
The best numbers and soloists of the summer school will perform for the general public in the program of the gala concert "Nobilis. Children", which will be held on June 8 as part of the II International Festival of Ekaterina Mechetina "Attraction of Music". Summer school classes and concerts will be held at the Palace of Culture "Neftche" in Almetyevsk.
Participation in the summer school is free (the project is organized under a grant from the President of the Russian Federation for the development of civil society). Accommodation, travel, meals and other expenses at the expense of the sending party or the participant's funds. Applications are accepted until May 20, 2022. To participate, you must fill out the online form (recommended) or send the completed forms to the mail: For new participants, with the exception of participants in the "professionals" category, a link to the video recording is required (repertoire is free)! Before filling out the application, please carefully read the Regulations on the Summer School.
Regulation June 2022
Forms to fill out

Project site:

Дворец культуры "Нефтьче"
Дворец культуры "Нефтьче"
Концертный зал ДК Нефтьче
Бальный зал ДК Нефтьче

Teaching staff:


Head of the project and scientific and methodological part, teacher (violin)



(violin, ensemble)


Artistic director,


teacher (violin)


Teacher (violin, viola, ensemble)


Lead teacher

(violin, ensemble)



(cello, ensemble)



(flute, percussion instruments, ensemble)


Methodist, coordinator, accompanist

Co-organizers and partners of the project:

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